What are the season dates?

T-ball & softball is played in summer during the months of October & March, breaking over the Chiristmas holidays.

Below are the specific playing start and finish dates for each grade, pre & post Christmas break:

  • Grade



    Tee ball (U7, U9, U11)

    29 Oct 22 – 17 Dec 22

    11 Feb 23 – 18 Mar 23

    Junior (U13, U15)

    15 Oct 22 - 17 Dec 22

    21 Jan 23 – 18 Mar 23

    U19 /Woman Grade



    Secondary Schools

    27 Oct 22 – 01 Dec/22

    9 Feb 22 - – 16 Mar 23

    Senior Softball

    15 Oct 22 - 17 Dec 22

    21 Jan 23 – 18 Mar 23

    Social Slo-Pitch

    28 Oct 22 - 16 Dec 22

    10 Feb 23 -17 Mar 23

The full fixtures list can be found here

What are the grades?

T-ball: under 7 (non-comp) & under 9 

Junior softball: under 11, under 13 & under 15

Senior softball: Division 3, Division 2, Division 1

Under 19 Mixed - tbc

Social Slo-pitch 

Secondary Schools 

Taieri Plains Junior Competition (mid-week t-ball & junior softball) - tbc

T-ball & Junior grades (including U19) are determined by age. The date of birth cut off is 31st December 2021.

Senior division grades are for players 15 years & over.  

Dispensation can be requested to play in a higher or lower grade via your club/school. To access the form please click here​​​​​​​

Teams in all grades can be single or mixed gender teams.

When are games played?

T-ball & Junior games are played on a Saturday morning between 8.45am - 12pm

Senior softball is played on a Saturday afternoon between 12pm - 6pm

Secondary schools is played on a Thursday afternoon between 4pm - 6pm 

Slo-pitch is played on a Friday night between 6pm - 8pm

Can I choose any club to play for?

Yes. You must be registered with them before you can play.

For Senior players: if you are transferring fom another Association you will need to complete an Association transfer form before you can play. If you are transferring from one club to another you will need to complete a club transfer form

T-ball & Junior grades also have some school teams play in the competitions so check with your school if they have a school team. 

Club information can be found here

Can I be involved in other ways?

Yes! We are always in need of coaches, managers, scorers, umpires & volunteers. Talk to your club about any upskilling modules available or contact us!

How much does it cost to play?

Cost varies by club/school and by grade. You can get this information direct from your school or club

What do I need to buy to play softball?

Most clubs/schools will provide a team kit. However this usually does not include a glove which is the one piece of compulsory equipment for grades U11 upwards. You can purchase directly through us!  Other equipment you may want to look at getting are a helmet, a bat, bag, batting gloves, etc. 

To check out the range of gear & how to order click here

Where can I find out who I am playing against and when?

Draws and results can be found here. Results will be updated weekly and any changes to the draw will be updated on here, on our facebook page and notified to all clubs.

Where can I find out if my game is cancelled

Games cancellations will be made as early as possible on a Saturday for the first round, no later than 8am. Keep an eye out on the OSA Facebook page, Instagram or on the floating notice at the top of this page.

Where can I buy Otago Softball merchandise?

Merchandise can be purchased via our website or by emailing us.